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Jetveo Platform Roadmap

Upcoming features

2022 Q3

Chart Components

Additional options for business-oriented charts, including multiple graphs and reports


Addition of support for color-scheme customization. Addition of favicons.


Introduction of a plugin feature, with a plugin repository, to improve reusability and simplify app building.

Final App User Management

Addition of the possibility to manage users (i.e., add, remove, assign permissions) for published apps so that users do not have to access through the Jetveo Platform.

Advanced Support for Integrations

Implementation of a remote service client generator for WSDLs and OpenAPI specifications.

2022 Q4


For developers: a venue to publish and monetize apps. For clients: the ability to locate app templates or purchase an existing solution.
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Finished features

2022 Q2

Final App Redesign

Complete redesign for the end-app visuals and user experience
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Layout Flexibility

Support for a new "free layout" to allow greater flexibility for the placement of components within page layouts

2022 Q1

New Onboarding

Implementation of an introductory Boot Camp, which gives new users a tour of the App Builder while developing and releasing a simple app, and the publication of Advanced Topics, which provide additional step-by-step tutorials for more advanced features. The learning curve is short for senior programmers and empowers junior programmers to quickly develop the necessary skills.

Headless CMS Template for Gatbsy

Implementation of a headless CMS template to connect Jetveo apps to the Gatsby framework ( for a graphic boost to the user interface and additional flexibility for non-technical users to create and manage content.

2021 Q4

Migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud

Entire infrastructure moved from a simple Docker solution to full Kubernetes in the Microsoft Azure cloud to provide the same level of security and performance used by many major international companies and Microsoft.

Overhaul of Administration

Redesign for the Platform: Consolidation of App Packages to include related instances; addition of diagnostics with donut graphs for Users, Data Storage, and API Calls; and implementation of traffic-light system for app instances. Redesign for the App Builder: Reordering of the sections in the sidebar menu to the following: Data, UI, Business, Code, Config, Security, and Integrations; establishment of a side panel for each section to show related subsections and the individual pages; implementation of an IDE-like tab system; adjustments to the layout of individual pages; and change of framework color to blue, from purple.

2021 Q3


Addition of an amazing new feature to implement simple and powerful CRUDL APIs in order to allow Create, Read, Update, Delete, and List operations on the entities through remote access to the app database.

Kanban Component

Implementation of a Kanban component to provide a quick graphic workflow for Dashboards and other parts of the User Interface.