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1.0 Introduction

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What is the Jetveo Platform?

Jetveo is an online platform that combines a low-code application builder and the cloud for hosting the apps. It streamlines the development process for apps and simplifies repetitive tasks, such as security, working with databases and building UI. And you maintain access to the full C# language to solve your business logic needs.

What you can do in Jetveo

  • Business applications, such CRM, ERP, WMS,
  • Processes digitization
  • Backend for SPAs and Mobile
  • Integration hub

What Jetveo is not for

  • Native mobile apps; however, you can build a robust back end for your own mobile app
  • Specific UI designs; however, you can create complex logic for your own SPA
  • Games

Jetveo App Builder

THe Jetveo App Builder is a low-code builder where you can create and edit your application (package).

With Jetveo App Builder you can:

  • Design
    • Collect Requirements
  • Build
    • Define Data
    • Design UI
    • Create Business Logic
  • Release
    • Validate Your Changes
    • Release New Versions

Jetveo Apps

Your final result created in the App Builder is available to end users as an application (instance).

You can manage your applications here:

  • Application package
    • Create a new application
    • Open and edit your application in the App Builder
  • Application instance
    • Add End Users and grant them access
    • Start and stop your app instances
    • Update your applications to new versions
    • Edit an App instance configuration, features, API
    • Download API definition and API client
    • View Errors
    • Monitor Application Resources

Jetveo Workspace

This is a place where you can manage your platform environment

  • Manage your Workspace
  • Handle your Billing Info
  • Manage the team members who can access and collaborate on your applications
  • Publish and Sell your applications or plugins on the Jetveo Marketplace

Jetveo Deployment

Deployment of your applications

  • Seamless Migrations
  • One-click deployment to the Cloud
  • Download binaries for your optional on-premise hosting

Jetveo Cloud

Deployment option for hosting your Jetveo applications

  • Place to store your app data and resources
  • Automatic backups

Jetveo Marketplace

You can sell/buy applications here:

  • Final applications (instances) without source code that the user can download and start using it immediately
  • Application packages where the user can modify an application and run it without any limitations
  • Plugins, which are smaller functional parts that can be used by other developers in their applications